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San Francisco Fall Wedding Photo Ideas

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Wedding couple holding hands in the woods, sunlight coming through the trees
Photo by Rachel Z Photography in Redwoods, Ca

At first, planning for your wedding photoshoot can be scary, even if you had the help of your bridesmaid. It’s already stressing enough to plan for the rest of the wedding. But having a plan will certainly help you have a smoother day. You also want to be prepared so that you won’t have to rush or have any regrets on the big day. Hey it’s Rachel, with Rachel Z. Photography, and below I wanted to outline some of the best San Francisco fall wedding photo ideas for your special day to come.

Decide based on your wedding theme or style

The first thing that you need to remember when deciding what fall wedding photo ideas to have is to go along with your wedding theme or style. There is something extravagant with everything matching nicely together, especially with the wedding colors. If your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception, and your wedding photoshoot are matching, then your wedding album will definitely bring out the best of fall.

Do not skip the weather

Yes, the weather can be unpredictable. But that shouldn’t stop you from planning for it. For some people, they like fall because it’s not too hot or too cold. In fact, if you want to get diverse in your fall wedding pictures, you can have a photoshoot with both warm and cool clothing. Whatever you choose, make sure that you’re prepared for a rainy or even a snowy day.

Bring all the props

The props you will need for your fall wedding photoshoot will depend on the ideas you want to execute. The great thing about fall is that most pictures will already look great because of the background, such as the trees or leaves. So, you may not need many props. But you can get creative, though. One example is to bring a fan for a wind blowing effect, which is a great idea to make use of the fallen leaves and your beautiful wedding dress swaying in the wind.

The little things matter

Whether you have a fall or winter wedding, etc., it’s easy to forget the little things. By this, I mean your wedding invitation cards, your wedding rings, wedding shoes, and even your wedding bouquet. Basically, everything that happens in the bridal suite and all the group shots along the way. These minor items can make great wedding pictures along with the bride and groom. If you want to add a fall feel to them, just add a few pieces of fall leaves in the frame or design your save-the-date cards with symbols of the season.

Don’t’ forget about your ceremony

Despite how important the little things are or how much you still need to do on your to-do list, never cannot forget about your big day’s special event – your wedding ceremony. One of the exciting things about planning your own wedding ceremony is that you can freely design it however way you want. Thankfully, many venues would be happy to cater to your desires. But there are also venues out there that already look great for a fall wedding event. So, don’t be afraid to search around. That way, you can take the fall wedding photo shots you’ve been planning to have. It’s the day you and your beloved become a married couple, and it’s all that matters.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things that you will need to add to your planning agenda. But choosing a theme for your wedding party early in the process can really save you a lot of hassle. Because you already know what you want, such as a fall wedding photoshoot, for example, ideas will naturally come to mind much easier. Of course, as experts of anything wedding related, I am here to help with just that in this fall wedding photo ideas article. You do you and let the photographer capture everything.

About Rachel Z Photography

I’m a 29-year-old San Francisco-based photographer, activist, tattoo enthusiast, and guardian of 2 lovely rescued birds. I adore doing portrait photography for others, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, covered in flowers and nature or covered in fake blood. My goal with my photography is to empower you by taking the essence of who you are and turnin

g it into works of art. I want to hear what YOUR ideas are and help make them into a reality. I want you to feel powerful. I want you to feel beautiful. I want you to feel confident, because we all deserve that.

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